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Hotel Porto Loutro in Loutro

A Special Hotel in a Special Place

Hotel Porto Loutro is special,  in the words of  the hotel's guests who stay for the first time, only to return when they discover that any year is incomplete without a visit.


Loutro is quiet. It has no cars or mopeds - just conversation and the occasional boat bringing fresh food to the waterfront tavernas and cafes.

The hotel, created with quality, comfort and simplicity, is made up of two buildings. Hotel Porto Loutro I is in the middle of the beach - your room is five steps from the water -  for those who like to open the door, fling their towel on a lounge chair and read, swim, chat or sunbathe. Hotel Porto Loutro ll stands overlooking Loutro and its sparkling bay, surrounded by dramatic and soul-calming mountains, hardly a one minute stroll to dive into the clear water below!

Orange juice....with a viewBoth have a cafe/bar where breakfast is served to warm the day with a splendid view and a feeling of well-being - as noted by so many guests.

There is no road to the village. 
So you arrive by ferry. The bay dramatically unfolds in front of you as you sail in and step onto the beach just in front of the hotel. The same beach which you will after a day or so, think of as your own.

"There is nowhere else like it in Crete and having traveled in search of wonderful and heart-warming places, I have not found any equal to Loutro....the view from the hotel terrace bar is one of the best in the world, of this I'm sure." *


" 'A room with a view'. What a romantic place to have a honeymoon after being married for 11 years."


"After wandering through the hills and mountains it feels like coming home."

[*These and more quotes from  guests can be seen in the visitors' book at the hotel.]


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